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Friday, May 15, 2009

Virtual pet games - Pet Online Adventure

Neopets is a free webgame site that provide virtual per games for the game and pet lover. without any download required. Bring your pet to enjoy all the adventure to grow them. Start your pet adventure game by bring them to World of Neopia. World of Neopia is build up by few island which are Aldator, Fraerieland, Kiko lake, Kreludor, Mystery Island, Roo Island, Terror Mountain, Tyrannia, Brighvale, Haunted Woods, Krawk Island, Lutari Island, Meridell, Neopia Central, Shenkuu, The Lost Desert and Virtupets Space Station. All of them have their own history and different catogery. Go to the island you like and start your adventure.

For example, you can go to Fraerieland, which is a giant castle in the sky, full of games, puzzles, and faeries galore. Poogle Races take place every 15 minutes! Also check out the secret hidden tower ( As shown below)

Of course, you can go to other island to enjoy your adventure. Enjoy this virtual pet game and happy pet adventure !!! Start your virtual pet advanture, let's visit:

Friday, February 27, 2009

Free Online Game is a one of the best Free Online Game which offering Free Online Sport Game, Action Game & Adventure Game.

You need to Sign Up only Once for the below game & This is TOTALLY FREE:

1. Seafight - Hoist your flag, pirate!
Pull in the lines, anchors aweigh, set sail - and your pirate adventure can begin!
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2. F1 Manager - To the pole position, ready, go!
Train the best Formula One pilots and lap them all!

3. Spaceinvasion - Your empire in outer space!
Become a Commander and build up your space force!

4. Xblaster - Off to the action battle of the future!
War robots fight with sci-fi weapons: the real-time multiplayer shooter!

5. Mafia - Earn yourself respect, Mafioso!
The family rules the street, in your district crime is king!

6. MG-Soccer - Its kickoff: a direct hit!
Are you the manager type? Then we have something for you: your Soccer Manager!

7. MG-Hockey - It's getting hot on the ice!
Start an avalanche and rake in the dough. Slip on your skates and off to the stadium!

8. The Pimps - Pimp up ya life!
Cool duds, badass revolvers, stunna shades – that's how you check the chicks!

9. ActionLeague - You are your team!
Block until you drop: as goaltender you show everybody you've got what it takes!

10. Parsec - Be the ruler of the universe!
Fight for the respect of the others!

11. DarkOrbit - Nobody can resist this game!
Race through space! Space battles and exciting missions lead you to the top of your company
**Free On Line Game - Win Cash Up to $10000

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Monday, February 2, 2009

Free Game World

Recently Found a cool web-tv which is football related video site. Football's fan shall never miss this opportunity to enjoy your football video which is held by Carlsberg web-tv. They are launching free football web-TV-channel, and you are allow to upload your cool football video and share with each other.

It's the time to watch the video and enjoy the football now! Wish you enjoy your time.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Seafight – the real-time fantasy adventure!

Hoist your flag and fight historic battles on the high seas!
Dive into an exciting adventure on the high seas; sea battles and the longing for complete freedom, fame and fortune. A captivating story with the newest streaming technology – play live against thousands of real opponents!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the best part: You have the chance to win up to $10,000 !!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Crimson room - Only genius can escape

Welcome to the mysterious room. Let's see how far can you go!!!

Your playing: Crimson Room

Free Online Game